About connecting a database through the console


Hi all,

I have a problem with connecting a database through the console. I accessed my database through the orientdb studio and  then logged out, then I tried to connect that database through the orientdb console, but failed with error hinting "Database is locked by another process, please shutdown process and try again". 

So how can I solve this problem besides restarting the orientdb server?


what version are you using?
Are you using remote or plocal connection?



My orientdb version is 3.0.13 and I’m using plocal connection just as below:

orientdb> connect plocal:/home/orientdb-3.0.13/databases/DB1 admin admin


try to connect in plocal mode without the server up.



Not other ways to solve this problem? I know this way, and I don’t want to shutdown the server because other people are using another database…


So as the question I asked, I wonder if any other way besides restarting the server can fix the problem… When restarting the server, the problem is fixed, but I’m not tending to do this.


You can’t connect to a database in plocal while the server is running.

You can, of course, connect to the server in remote from the console too.

The database can be opened by a (JVM) process a time