Check if vertex in multiple paths



I need to run a query where I retrieve only the vertices that exist in multiple subtrees in a polytree, but I can’t quite work out the syntax to perform it.

e.g. I have objects with out edges to folders in a hierarchy, and another edge to an employee vertex. I want to be able to retrieve all objects from a folder and its subfolders, but only if they also belong to a particular team, with multiple employees in the team.

So I need to be able to traverse both the folder hierarchy, and the team tree, and find the objects that are common to both.

Any help would be appreciated.



Sorry, solved it myself right after posting this :slight_smile:

SELECT expand($c)
LET $a = (TRAVERSE in() FROM (SELECT FROM Team WHERE name = 'team-a')),
$b = (TRAVERSE in() FROM (SELECT FROM Folder WHERE name = 'hr')),
$c = intersect($a, $b)



Good to hear. Please feel free to share more details if you need any additional support.