Google Cloud Run


Are there any instructions for installing OrientDB on Google Cloud Run?


I received a response from Google:

Thank you for contacting Google Cloud Platform Support, I understand you’re having issues deploying an OrientDB container on Cloud Run.

Firstly, I need to mention that Cloud Run [1] is currently in Beta [2] and should not be used for production purposes as it might be changed in backward-incompatible ways, while not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy.

Based on the logs I was able to retrieve, it seems that the deployment is failing because of out of memory (oom) issues [3]. Due to memory constraints in its corresponding container, OrientDB fails to set the ‘storage.wal.maxSegmentSize’ property [4], and the deployment subsequently fails [5].

Additionally, I was also able to observe in the internal logs a few of these errors ‘Container Sandbox Limitation: Unsupported syscall getsockopt(…)’. Although not necessarily an issue in itself, if this specific deployment depends on inbound websockets and gRPC without properly error handling, it will subsequently fail since these are currently not supported [6].

Let me know if this clear things up, and if I can go ahead and close this case. Keep in mind that you can always reopen it within 30 days. It will be my pleasure to assist you further. In any case, I will continue to hold it open until Friday to give you time to review the above.

Kind regards