Has any information about which companies have started using orient DB in Sweden?

Has any information about which companies have started using orient DB in Sweden? I work at a large authority in Sweden and need to start a user group to exchange experience and other types of information. We have started to work with Orient DB on a small scale and then evaluate the possibilities regarding our database administration.

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Eduardo Caceres

Markus Netz here. I was at the meeting today from Swedish Police.

Nice to see that you’ve already started looking around.

As of now we know that the Swedish police and the Swedish public employment service is using OrientDB, we are interested in finding more companies and authorities and try to start a user group!

Hi @AFEduardo @MarkusNetz

First of all, welcome to OrientDB community!

Thank you for letting us know about the usage of OrientDB in Sweden, that is definitely valuable information for us and for the community.
If you are setting up a meetup/user group, we will be happy to help you, also advertising it on our social media channels, so please feel free to ask!



Hello Eduardo and Markus!

I was on the same meeting with you! We are having discussions with some customer to use OrientDB. It is in an very early stage and we cant share all details yet. But i agree we should set up an orientdb user group in Stockholm. If you like i can setup an event in September. I will get back to you both so that we can decide on the date.

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Johan Tornborg

Hi. God. If you wish, can you setup an event in September. Best Regards Eduardo

Hej OrientDB people. (Johan, Markus and other)
What do you think about an event in Oktober in Stockholm with the Swedish Police.
The agenda will be how we can use or build a common strategi.
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Sounds good!
I am actually looking around right now for a venue. It is a good chance that we can have one next to Stockholm Central station! It is a company that is used to throwing conventions and sometimes gladly host events for others.

How can we make sure we stay in touch accordingly?

How about the name sodbug?
Swedish OrientDB User Group? Not fun though to have the word bug in it…


Jag röstar på SODUG!
Med vänlig hälsning / Eduardo