How to switch gremlin server to point to another orientDB instance at runtime? (orientdb-tp3-3.0.11)


I am using orientdb-tp3-3.0.11 with Gremlin . Net. I can start orientDB server with Gremlin server, and connect to orient DB (graph 1) using Gremlin . Net and query with Gremlin language.

Is it possible for me to achieve below goals at runtime (without shut down the server, modified config files):

  1. Create a new graph DB instance (graph 2)
  2. Construct new graph using Gremlin
  3. Point the Gremlin server to new instance for querying once it has been created

I tried to create new instance using OrientDB - Net library, but no clue on how to switch existing Gremlin server to it so I can using Gremlin . Net to connect to it for querying.

The ideal solution is to use the Gremlin() command from OrientDB - Net, however I was told it is only support TinkerPop2 while I am using TinkerPop3.

Any other possible solutions available?

Thank you in advance.



what version of OrientDB are you using?




Hi Michela,

I am using 3.0.11 (November, 21 2018).