Import csv file via ETL successfully but show only 1 record



I am trying to import .csv file with up to 100 rows which have successfully loaded. However, when I check via localhost:2480 there is only one record in the database.

I upload it via / as follow;

Sia-Macbook-Pro:~ sia$ cd /Users/sia/orientdb-3.0.14/bin ;

Sia-Macbook-Pro:bin sia$ ./ /Users/sia/data/factory_test/csv/Pv20-60.json

OrientDB etl v.3.0.14 - Veloce (build ac128c5a9ba4c6dc9d25a32b92962d8863774423, branch 3.0.x)

2019-02-05 21:24:49:813 INFO Default limit of open files (512) will be used. [ONative]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:930 INFO 17179869184 B/16384 MB/16 GB of physical memory were detected on machine [ONative]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:931 INFO Detected memory limit for current process is 17179869184 B/16384 MB/16 GB [ONative]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:932 INFO JVM can use maximum 1963MB of heap memory [OMemoryAndLocalPaginatedEnginesInitializer]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:932 INFO Because OrientDB is running outside a container 12% of memory will be left unallocated according to the setting 'memory.leftToOS' not taking into account heap memory [OMemoryAndLocalPaginatedEnginesInitializer]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:934 INFO OrientDB auto-config DISKCACHE=12,454MB (heap=1,963MB os=16,384MB) [orientechnologies]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:934 INFO System is started under an effective user : `sia` [OEngineLocalPaginated]

2019-02-05 21:24:49:989 INFO WAL maximum segment size is set to 9,023 MB [OrientDBEmbedded]

2019-02-05 21:24:50:015 INFO BEGIN ETL PROCESSOR [OETLProcessor]

2019-02-05 21:24:50:016 INFO [file] Reading from file /Users/sia/data/factory_test/csv/Pv20-60.csv with encoding UTF-8 [OETLFileSource]

2019-02-05 21:24:50:016 INFO Started execution with 1 worker threads [OETLProcessor]

2019-02-05 21:24:50:084 INFO Page size for WAL located in /Users/sia/orientdb-3.0.14/bin/../databases/thaicompanies is set to 4096 bytes. [OCASDiskWriteAheadLog]

2019-02-05 21:24:50:312 INFO Storage 'plocal:/Users/sia/orientdb-3.0.14/bin/../databases//thaicompanies' is opened under OrientDB distribution : 3.0.14 - Veloce (build ac128c5a9ba4c6dc9d25a32b92962d8863774423, branch 3.0.x) [OLocalPaginatedStorage]

2019-02-05 21:24:51:017 INFO + extracted 54 rows (0 rows/sec) - 54 rows -> loaded 53 vertices (0 vertices/sec) Total time: 1001ms [0 warnings, 0 errors] [OETLProcessor]

2019-02-05 21:24:51:085 INFO END ETL PROCESSOR [OETLProcessor]

2019-02-05 21:24:51:086 INFO + extracted 100 rows (657 rows/sec) - 100 rows -> loaded 100 vertices (671 vertices/sec) Total time: 1071ms [0 warnings, 0 errors] [OETLSia-SiSia-MacbSia-MacbooSia-MaSia-MacbSia-MacbooSia-MacbSia-MacbSia-MacbSia-MaSia-MaSiSiSia-Sia-MacbSiSia-MaSia-SiSiSiSiSiSiSiSiSia-SiSiSiSiSiSia-Macbook-Pro:bin sia$

ETL config file that I used to upload is below

  "source": { "file": { "path": "/Users/sia/data/factory_test/csv/Pv20-60.csv"} },
  "extractor": { "csv": {} },
  "transformers": [
    { "vertex": { "class": "factory", "skipDuplicates": true } }
  "loader": {
    "orientdb": {
       "dbURL": "plocal:../databases/thaicompanies",
       "dbType": "graph",
       "classes": [
         {"name": "Category", "extends": "V"}
       ], "indexes": [
         {"class":"factory", "fields":["id:integer"], "type":"UNIQUE" }

How can I fix this? I’m non-IT background and very new to OrientDB, also at coding.
Thank you.


I finally got this sorted out. The CSV file I used is CSV UTF-8 as I have content in Thai when I saveas just ‘Comma Separated Value’. It works well, however, I lost all data in Thai fonts. CSV file might not work well if text data is not in English, at least for my case.


Hello, sia. Thanks for sharing. We wanted to follow up on your recent issue and learn more about the solution you found. Please let us know if you need any additional support.


Orientdb does not support CSV UTF-8 upload. So, I have to transform my data into .json format.