Linkset manipulation



back in version 2.X we used the following to add an id to a list.

UPDATE #1:1 ADD x = #2:2

this in java worked. In version 3 this does not work when using SQL. I found out that the syntax is different now.
UPDATE #1:1 SET x = x || #2:2
And yes this does work using the console or studio… This does not work when using java. At least not in my case.

When i printout the command that is to be executed and execute this in the console it all works perfect. Just not using java.

Suppressed: com.orientechnologies.orient.core.sql.OCommandSQLParsingException: Error on parsing command: Invalid keyword ||. Use UPDATE |cluster:> [SET|ADD|PUT|REMOVE|INCREMENT|CONTENT {}|MERGE {}] [[,] = |]* [LOCK <NONE|RECORD>] [UPSERT] [RETURN <COUNT|BEFORE|AFTER>] [WHERE ]
Command: UPDATE #57:93 SET Card.sensorValues = sensorValues || #50:1851003

any pointers on why this does not work.

grts Marc


Hi @marc.bannink

The query executor is exactly the same from Studio and from Java, so it’s supposed to work the same.
Could you please post the exact Java code you are using?




String query = "UPDATE " + cardOrientVertex.getIdentity().toString() + " SET sensorValues=sensorValues || " + sensorValueOrientVertex.getIdentity().toString();;
Utility.execQuery(query, graphNoTx);


Hi @marc.bannink

What does Utility.execQuery() do?