Massive Insert Data



I am trying to use orientDb to create big graph.
I have ~2Gb pairs:
1, 2
2, 1
5, 6
6, 5
It’s near 100,000,000 vertexes and 100,000,000,000 edges.

How to quickly add data to OrientDB?

I tried: OGraphBatchInsertBasic (,

I tried: SQL in (INSERT…).
~700 records per second. 1653 days for import all data.


what version are you using?




OrientDB Version: 3.0.16 (docker)
OS: debian 9
VPS, 10cores, 60gb RAM, 1600ssd.

I added 463282 records: 4 hours. (By SQL to 4-5 hours.)

5Mb raw data = 6.6GB database without indexes.
And, I think, edges is lightweight. But database’s parameter lightweight is false.
Is it bag?