My query doesn't work


here is how my graph looks like:

I would like to get the property ‘value’ of the vertex ‘String’ by only traversing the edge ‘UID’ from the vertex ‘PageTemplate’ and the current state. The edge ‘STATE_OF’ has two properties ‘from’ and ‘to’.

My query attempt:

SELECT FROM (TRAVERSE out(‘UID’).out(‘STATE_OF’)[to = 922337203685477] FROM PageTemplate)

It returns the vertex ‘PageTemplate’ and I don’t unterstand completely the command TRAVERSE. After FROM you specify the begin of the traversal. In my case I should use ‘PageTemplate’, but the result is I get the vertex ‘PageTemplate’ back and not the vertex/property I traverse to. What do I have to change?

Many thanks in advance


Hey teufel.
Can you please clarify which IDs does the vertices “String” and “PageTemplate” have?
And is “current state” also a vertex?

In the meanwhile you can read the traverse documentation if you haven’t already.


Hi LMarziali,

#41:0 is “PageTemplate” without properties, #57:0 is “State” without properties and #25:0 “String” with the property “value”. The current state is not a vertex. In the edge “STATE_OF” are two properties “from” and “to”. When “to” has the maximum long value, it’s the current state.

try this:
SELECT out("UID").out("STATE_OF").value as value, out("UID").outE("STATE_OF").to as current_state FROM PageTemplate unwind value, current_state

Hope it helps


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Hi Michela,

I get the result that I want, but when I have more ‘STATE_OF’ edges. How can I filter? I tried this:

SELECT out(“UID”).out(“STATE_OF”)[to = 922337203685477].value as value FROM PageTemplate

But it returns nothing…

Thanky you very much for your help!

Hi @teufel

if “to” is on the edge, you can do it as follows:

out(“UID”).outE(“STATE_OF”)[to = 922337203685477].inV().value as value 
FROM PageTemplate



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Thank you @luigidellaquila!