.NET (Core) support?


I would love to know the state of and possible plans for .NET (Core) support for OrientDB.

All available drivers haven’t been updated in ages, are incompatible with 3.x and frankly in a sorry state. Github issues go unanswered for years, etc, etc.

Any word on this would be much appreciated.


I believe .NET Core is supported. Use the nuget package: OrientDB.NETStandard-1.5.

I was able to create a .NET Core console app, create a database, create schema, create vertexes and edges.


@klasko - thanks for your reply. The github repo linked from the package hasn’t been updated in 2 years and is named differently. It is also not compatible with 3.x as far as I can tell. Or is the github link wrong?


I have the same question of you.
I am interested by orientdb but worried by the age and the version of c# drivers.
Have you some news ?