Online Courses Online --1 out of 10


Hi Guys: I have been teaching myself programming for the last 6 months (UI Designer for the last 6 years). After doing some research online OrientDB came up as a winner by far… but here is the big issue…almost no practical courses online. There are only 2 courses on Udemy that teach you nothing from a practical perspective and the same thing on youtube.
There is only one video from Luigi De-Aguila on youtube on how to build a chat app and integrate that with OrientDB (video has bad quality --it was meant to be for a conference). I wonder if you guys can really put a little bit of emphasis on this. Your company can grow a lot if you put up a few courses (on how to build something -web/apps) via udemy.
Just to give you an idea. If you search on “” on how many programmers have worked with OrientDB --almost no one. I had to hire someone to build a chat app for me and teach me how to integrate “orientdb” with flutter.
That’s my struggle… Abel from Miami…



Welcome to the community and thank you for sharing your feedback! In the coming months, we hope to create and distribute a variety of new resources and training materials to assist OrientDB newcomers and individuals who have been working with graph databases for some time. Please continue to share your input and we will make sure that the resources we produce are useful and informative.