OrientDB random thoughts


I ve been using OrientDB for 4 years already.
Back then the choice for a graph database was easier since not that many options . For us was Neo4J vs OrientDB vs Titan …and we decided for OrientDB

But since “the graph” is becoming more and more important to our business I need to think a few steps ahead to figure out where OrientDB will be in 2-3 years compared to “others”.
Because lack of query/API standards for graph databases(yes …i know …Tinkerpop…but it is a 2nd class citizen in OrientDB) it seems we ll be almost locked in whatever graph database we use.

Right now OrientDB is part of SAP and I am little bit worried what direction SAP will choose for it:

The website is being redesign … but the OrientDB 3.0 docs are not yet complete although OrientDB 3.0 was released many months ago.
The jobs page at https://orientdb.com/about-us/careers/ lists only 2 jobs … some other competing multi model/graph database website have dozens of jobs available.
The team page at https://orientdb.com/about-us/team/ lists 5 people …the other competing solutions websites have dozens/hundred of persons listed.
Most of the Github commits are being made by the same 4-5 people listed at “Team” page.If the same people are also involved in production support, consultancy and training then OrientDB might be a heavy weight on not so many people shoulders.


You’re right, we haven’t spent a lot of time on updating our website very much in the last year. Coming from 2 acquisitions from 1 big company (CallidusCloud) and then from SAP (huge), means a lot of work that is pretty much all internal with no output outside the company.

We already grew up a lot since the last year, in terms of users and clients and we already hired a bunch of people. Not everybody is a core developers, so you will not able to see their activity directly on GitHub. And OrientDB is going to grow up much more in the next years and at much faster pace, but I can’t reveal anything right now. I hope I can release some great news soon :slight_smile: