OrientDB Reliability?


I’m at the beginning of looking into graph-DBs. I like the look of OrientDB, but I came across this comparison between ArangoDB and OrientDB. What concerned me was this comment:

we faced a long string of problems which were a direct result of how OrientDB is developed, rather than anything being wrong with it conceptually. To put it simply, it is not developed to the high standards that you’d expect from a database vendor, and while it claims a lot of features, a lot of those features are half baked or just don’t work. We spent a lot of time and effort working on OrientDB for our clients, and in the end it disappointed all of them.

The comment was admittedly back in Feb/16. I’m interested in opinions on OrientDB’s reliability now - general operation as well as in multi-master and sharding scenarios.

I also note that ArangoDB has been catching up OrientDB.


I am in the same boat as you - stability is a HUGE concern for me as well, much more important than multi-model features, etc. I never used the ODB 2.x . Since ODB 3.0.0, I bumped into more-than-I-can-be-comfortable-with number of issues (most of them fixed by now, admittedly) , but ODB 3.0.13 has critical issues I can not go continue developing with.

I also see some major refactoring going on in the dev branch (hazelcast removal, etc), but no idea when ODB 3.1 will be released. My plan is to wait 1-2 months and then decide, if I should stay with ODB.

On the bright side, the ODB team is friendly, does try to respond quickly, and I see 4 regular contributors daily now, very encouraging!

I might jump into fixing things as well and making contributions, if I decide to stay with ODB. I also maintain ODB 3 JCA Adapter

In any case, a road map published by the ODB team will help!


Just my $0.02 worth…

We’ve used ODB in production since 2016 (and in development before then). Yes, there are definitely bugs, but they do get fixed and in almost all cases, we’ve been able to work around them before they got fixed. Of course I realize that you may be encountering a critical issue that isn’t impacting us, so one size doesn’t fit all. But overall, we’ve been very happy with ODB, its performance, and its reliability.

As far as the popularity of ArangoDB goes, you’ll just have to decide if key features you need are available there (and stable there) vs being available and stable in ODB. And remember, the brochure always looks nice, but like any piece of complex software, you don’t really know how it’s going to work until you spend the time to take a deep dive.


Many thanks, hrstoyanov and eric24, for you answers. They are really helpful. I really like the concept of ODB. I will continue to take a keen interest and see how it fits in with our environment. Thanks again.