Re: Fraud Detection

Hi, I an new to OrientDB, evaluating now for Fraud Detection scenario, Will use it if suits for our purspose, I have few questions, if I can get help on that please.

  1. As Fraud Detection Is there any Sample SQL queries for running Graph Algorithms like Closeness Centrality, Modularity, Cliques, Network Diameter etc…
  2. Is there any Example White Paper for Fraud Detection, I have gone through “Real-Time Fraud Prevention with OrientDB”, but looking for sample how this can be done?

Hi @hanzgs

I’m afraid I do not have full samples to share apart from the case studies available on OrientDB website.
For the algorithms, you can check TinkerPop recipes

Hi @luigidellaquila
Thank you very much for the reply and link.

In addition to that I have two questions.

  1. Is there a sample code importer for loading data from elastic to orientdb.
  2. Once we have the graph setup for the data with edges, if I POST Json from postman to a class, how should I refer the edges so that new document will sit with corresponding edges in existing graph

Thanks in advance

Hi @hanzgs

As of now we do not have an importer from Elastic to OrientDB, so I’m afraid you will have to go with some custom implementation.

About the REST/JSON, my advice is to use SQL over REST, that will avoid you to deal with edges, that are pretty hard to manage properly with JSON (that does not have the concept of links) and often leads to errors.



Hi @luigidellaquila

I found this, may be a bug, can you confirm this

I have an edge HasAccount to #46:0

In graph it shows

Now I am removing the edge PT_CofOrigin , the edge HasAccount to #46:0 got renamed to PT_CofOrigin

Again I bring back the edges, but the name remains changed

I can’t add more images, will add in below replies

Is this a Bug,

While I work in gremlin on this vertex I am getting wrong results

please assist on this


in gremlin

removing the vertex

Edge to #46:0 has changed

I bring back the edges, but remain unchanged

Hi @luigidellaquila

can you please or direct someone to assist on the my questions,