Source code for Orient DB v3


I downloaded the source code for Orient DB v3 from GitHub and examined the dependency tree. I was surprised to see graphdb depends on TinkerPop v2.6. I would like to upgrade my code base to use Orient DB v3 but I can’t depend on TinkerPop v2.6 due to a company policy. I’m guessing I got the wrong source but I’m not sure where I can find the source code for Orient DB v3 that uses TinkerPop v3. Is there a link to that edition’s source code?

Hi Erik

The legacy graph API is still in the main repo as a legacy component. The new TinkerPop 3 implementation is in a separate repo.

We will remove the tp2.6 dependency in the near future, but for now it’s still there.
Anyway, the core modules do not depend on TinkerPop 2.6, so your application can definitely have a “clean” dependency tree if needed.