Studio Alternatives?



A few studio questions…I am just starting to explore this product.

Studio is the biggest draw for me here (as is the SQL interface). Is it easy to embed studio into my web app if I wanted to? (And just the results and not the command interface)

Do all ‘Graph’ databases follow a standard so that I can use other frameworks to display the results? I see the API so I know I can get the data but what do other people to do utilize this? The Google was a bit unclear.




Hi @Greenbeard

Studio is not intended to be embedded in other applications (you can do it of couse, it’s OpenSource, but it’s not easy).
Please also consider that it’s good for basic graph operations, but not for graph analytics, if it’s what you need, you can have a look at Arcade



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I ve tried for a few hours to make it work with OrientDB 3.x but failed.
I guess its working only with OrientDB 2.x

It looks really promising anyway…