Unable to set up embedded Studio

Hi! I might be missing something here - is the Studio plugin orientdb-studio-3.1.0-M3.jar? I’ve copied this file into the plugins folder, but I’m still getting “Command not found: GET.studio/index.html”.

I’m using the sample config XML found on https://orientdb.com/docs/3.0.x/internals/Embedded-Server.html, which includes the following line:

<entry name=“orientdb.www.path” value=“C:/work/dev/orientechnologies/orientdb/releases/1.0rc1-SNAPSHOT/www/”/>

I guess I need to extract the jar to a folder and point this entry to it, but am I missing a better way of doing this?

Hi @OriginalFenno

when you copied the orinetdb-studio under the plugins directory did you spot in the logs the line that look like this ?

Installing dynamic plugin 'orientdb-studio-3.0.22.zip'... [OServerPluginManager]



I’ve just found the solution to this so updating my old post. @wolf4ood, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!

Adding the following entries to my config.xml:

caused OServer to check my plugins directory during activation. No need to unzip the plugin or specify the path, as I’d suspected.