VehicleHistoryGraph Login doesn't work with admin or root login


Hi I downloaded VehicleHistoryGraph from the workbench but I can’t open it with either my normal root credentials or with admin passwoord admin … or password blank… Can’t even drop database now… thanks for any help


what version are you using?



Hi I’ve tried to install both of the following versions and tried to download VehicleHistoryGraph from both the opening console login screen. I hope this is what you’re asking for. Thanks for your help!
orientdb-3.0.14 and


i couldn’t drop the VehicleHistoryGraph DB to restart so I manually deleted the folder in databases and tried to download again… but no luck…


I can load the GratefulDead DB no problem… I also noticed that I can login both as admin admin and root mypassword… but i can’t do that with VehicleHistoryGraph


maybe someone could export VehicleHistoryGraph to me and i can try to import it? My email is would be most grateful.


seems to be a bug, can you open an issue on github? About deleting the DB, shutdown the server and then, delete the folder.

Hope it helps